Saturday, May 24, 2014

It has been a long time between posts- work and life got in the way, and now I have a backlog of over a thousand photographs to cull through! I am starting out with catching everyone up with our resident Barred Owls. Chester and Greta hatched just one baby this year, after having two each the preceding years. But first, I must tell the sad story of Chester's favorite branch. A lovely, arching branch from a large Swamp Bay, it was both beautiful and useful. It was in a perfect location, right next to where a stream emerges, and there is water trickling up all year round. It feeds into the swamp proper, and is perfectly located over a large permanent brush pile. I call it the owl buffet, prime area for our other slithery, scaled, feathered and furred denizens to sneak out for a quick drink of water. It is the first place I saw Chester; and he, Greta and the various owlets have used it year round for all of these years. Just over a week ago, the majority of the branch broke off, leaving just a stub. Chester still persists in using it, though it must cut back on his ability to flick open his wings and swoop down on the unsuspecting prey. The first photograph shows one of the mostly fledged owlets from last year on the buffet branch, waiting patiently for a snack. Then, one of poor Chester- it is a bit cramped. Next is a rare clear shot of Greta, followed by some shots of this year's baby- starting with him/her on a neighbor's trailer during the early branching stage, then a bit later when he/she had better control of its wings and could fly high up and pester mom and dad for food. Then, some random shots of Chester around the yard.
Next is Greta, ever regal

Newest baby, brancher period, then way up in tree after discovering how wings work-

This is likely a threat display-


Chester, all fluffed up right after a bluejay hit him in the head. He had flown in to distract them from the baby.


  1. so glad to see you posting again.

    1. Thanks Joe- like I said, I have a ton of material waiting to be posted, so I will be (hopefully) doing more frequent posts til I catch up.